TCOYO Field Hockey

TCOYO hockey club offers field hockey instruction for committed and recreational athletes in the Virginia Beach and surrounding areas.  Our aim is to become a pre-eminent club in the hockey world by taking a proactive approach in coaching.  We are dedicated to the continuous growth and evolution of field hockey in Virginia and beyond.
Virginia Beach Field Hockey
Fundamental sessions and game play for beginners through to 3 years of experience for 1.5 hour sessions each week beginning at 3 or 3:30pm with 60 minutes of skills instruction and 30 minutes of coach guided play!  Saturday's September 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, and October 8th (Sunday)

Age groups: Ages 4-6 Peewees  
Ages 6-8 Youth
Ages 9-11 Juniors 
Ages: 12-14  Seniors
Registration fee:  $110 for 5 weeks of sessions if you have a VBFH reversible and  $125 will include a new VBFH reversible if you do not have one
where:  Regional Training Center astroturf at the Sportsplex 
2044 Landstown Centre Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

College Club Cup

In the summer of 1997, a group of college club field hockey teams came together to formulate the first collegiate club league.  The National Field Hockey League (NFHL) was established in August 1997.  The impetus for its creation was to develop a competitive hockey environment, and more importantly, create structure within the field hockey club division.  Many colleges were having difficulty finding playing facilities, officials, and opponents to play.  With the creation of the NFHL, participating college teams can work together to create season schedules, find playing facilities, and sign qualified officials for each game.  We hope that by creating this league we will be able to work together and progress as a strong force in the field hockey arena.

Focus Field Hockey

We LOVE field hockey! And we deeply value the many, many things that we learned from our experiences as NCAA Field Hockey players and coaches. It is our wish to give young athletes the experiences they need to develop confidence, discipline and integrity and the opportunities they need to pursue this awesome sport at the next level.

Saints Field Hockey

757 Field Hockey Club

Our mission is to develop the elite athlete in the sport of field hockey with methods consistent with a high work ethic, competitive edge in skills and fitness, and good sportsmanship.

Beach Bash

Play Field Hockey with some of the best in the area. Register Now

Middle School and High School- Games, Championships, and Tournaments

We host games weekly here at the Regional Training Center. In the Spring, Middle School plays its games, tournament, and Championship. Fall is High School season and we have games weekly , tournaments and State Finals. 

Autumn Ambush

Autumn Ambush is being held at the Sportsplex from September-October. The first date is September 9th from 8AM-3PM.